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Arthritis related joint aches can be extremely painful; this article looks at natural oil for pain (ginger oil, glucosamine & emu oil) treatment.  The arthritis causes can be different, but the fact is that pain is a constant drain on sufferers of this horrible symptom. Joints are surrounded by nerves and inflammation of the nerves causes joints not to work properly and pain. A few natural compounds have been effective in treating or easing pain related to arthritis. Ginger oil, Glucosamine and Emu oil have demonstrated and have been used as alternate solutions for joint pain relief. We will discover the benefits of using this alternate oil for pain relief as a treatment option for arthritis related symptoms. Alternative pain relief is any product that is not included in the mainstream healthcare but delivers results.  On that note, it is prudent that your research finds a product that is effective in delivering results and not snake oil. Arthritis sufferers depend on an effective pain relief, and this article discusses the components in oil for pain relief formula.

Popular oils for pain relief:

Ginger oil

The common kitchen spice, ginger, is being sort after by naturopaths as an anti inflammatory antioxidant healing agent. Ginger oil can provide substantial relief in painful arthritis and can enhance blood circulation in the inflamed areas. Research shows ginger root inhibits production of prostaglandin and leukotrienes, which helps relief inflammation.  A recent study demonstrated that ginger is able to penetrate the skin and have an impact on the affected tissues.  Scientific studies on pubmed have confirmed the effectiveness of ginger oil for treating arthritis.  Ginger helps increase blood flow to the affected areas which helps reduce pain.


Glucosamine is made naturally in the body and cab be found in the joints and connective tissues.  Its main function is to fix cartilage and maintain joint mobility.  Glucosamine is used as a safe, natural remedy for arthritis pain and muscular pain in more than eighty countries.  It is believed that glucosamine helps prevent the joint pain by increasing the cartilage around the joints. Analysis has shown glucosamine’s capability to both reduce pain and lower inflammation whilst also permitting to boost the spectrum of motion in the joints, supporting in easing pain to inflamed areas of the body. Studies have demonstrated that glucosamine could be at least as if not more efficient than aspirin, ibuprofen and other non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS without the adverse side-effects. Glucosamine by itself has demonstrated minimal results for treating arthritis pain.

Emu oil:

Emu oil provides numerous benefits for the skin, for this discussion we would be addressing its anti inflammatory properties and how it relates to treating arthritic pain. This natural oil is able to penetrate the layers of skin, providing a variety of pain relieving benefits. When it comes to pain relief instead of using a drug or medication one should try the recent miracle discovery of emu oil. Australian studies show that there is significant pain relief among arthritic patients who use emu oil. Results indicated that emu oil may substantially reduce the pain caused by arthritis. Arthritis and pain relief qualities of emu oil are quickly gaining more credibility and popularity for its penetrating and healing properties.  Dr Ghosh from the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, and Dr. Michael Whitehouse from the University of Adelaide Australia have demonstrated scientific facts on Emu oil capability to relieve arthritic pain.  The two scientists are leading experts in arthritis treatments.  Their study demonstrated that therapeutic usefulness of emu oil for arthritis sufferers and its effectiveness in relieving pain for victims with this crippling ailment. Osteoarthritis sufferers noticed results after 3 weeks of tropical application applied routinely few times a day.

Australian skin creams has introduced a uniquely formulated lotion for therapeutic pain relief made in Australia.  Oil for pain provides arthritic pain relief by combining three potent anti inflammatory compounds in this lotion.  For serious pain sufferers, it is highly recommended complementing this with the Glucosamol Gel which includes rubbing alcohol and menthol.  It is highly recommended applying the Glucosamol gel 3 – 5 times a day to complement your oil for pain several times a day for at least 3 weeks to see significant results.  Australian skin cream line is sold and fulfilled by Amazon and is one of the most acclaimed products by customers.

Ginger oil for pain relief

Glucosamine sulfate and menthol gel

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